25. 8. 2020

Losts and founds

Don’t leave your old things for new ones… Below you can find losts and founds from the past weekend 🔍. In a 4:3:3 ratio, headbands win over glasses 👓 and bottles 🍼. If any of the items are missing, […]

24. 8. 2020

Soul thief gallery

You couldn’t miss him, our photographer was just everywhere. And thanks to him, you’ll now be able to flip through the album whenever you want and recall all the beautiful moments. Check our Photo Gallery.

24. 8. 2020

This year’s Nice Holidays are a thing of the past

All competitors reached the finish line in good health, and we paid tribute to the best at the prize giving ceremony. Tereza Odehnalová and Baptiste Rollier won in the elite classes. But for us, everyone […]

20. 8. 2020

Bulletin 2 is live!

We have published Bulletin 2 with technical details related to Nice Holidays 2020. Feel free to download it in the PDF version, if you like it more. We have also updated our Photo Gallery with […]

19. 8. 2020

Drábovna 2020: In the Name of Generalization

Matěj Klusáček prepared for you a new map of Drábovna for Nice Holidays 2020 that follows orienteering map symbols used in ISOM2017-2. Below you can see an interesting comparison of how the rocks at Drábovna […]

17. 8. 2020

Startlists are ready

E1 + E1 by club E2 + E2 by club E3 + E3 by club

11. 8. 2020

Course details

Courses are ready. Pre-marked in the forest and we are ready to publish course details. Courses of all stages seem quite short. But it’s not true at all. Steep slopes, detailed rocks, tough running. Winning […]

9. 6. 2020

Bulletin 1 was published

With the gradual opening of borders, foreign competitors also have a chance to take part in Nice Holidays 2020. Check what this year’s edition brings you in Bulletin 1.

20. 3. 2020

Nice Holidays will be held!

As situation in the Czech Republic is slowly getting back to normal state, organizing committee decided to organize the event. Event will be open for maximum of 1300 competitors. Starting times will be spread into […]