Bulletin 1

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Nice Holidays in Bohemian Paradise 2020


Updated as of June 3, 2020.


The information in Bulletin 1 may be affected by government regulations and responds to the current situation. We will inform you about any changes if necessary.

Organiser: OOB TJ Turnov

August 21 – 23, 2020

Malá Skála, Bohemian Paradise area, Czech Republic

Event centre: 
field in Malá Skála

Stage 1: Forest Sprint Stage 2: Middle Distance Stage 3: Middle Distance
August 21, 2020 August 22, 2020 August 23, 2020
Start 00 = 12:00* interval start 10:00 interval start 09:30 interval start
1 : 4 000, eq. 2,5m ISSprOM 2019
1 : 7 500, eq. 5m ISOM2017-2
1 : 7 500, eq. 5m ISOM2017-2
Mapped summer 2019 Mapped summer 2020 Mapped summer 2020

The author of all maps is Matěj Klusáček. Maps will be waterproof.

*Please note that the start time for Stage 1 was set at 12:00 pm. It will allow us to extend the starting field over a longer period. Please consider this while registering.

D10, D12, D14, D16, D18, D20, D21E, D21A, D21B, D21C, D35, D40, D45, D50, D55, D60, D65, D70, H10, H12, H14, H16, H18, H20, H21E, H21A, H21B, H21C, H35, H40, H45, H50, H55, H60, H65, H70, H75

HDR                    line marked course with accompaniment of parent

D10L, H10L       line marked course without accompaniment

To the extent possible, we will arrange a children’s corner including babysitting for the necessary time of your race and easy kids’ race.

Course lengths:

Expected winning times according to the Racing Rules of Czech orienteering federation (ČSOS). Please note that the forest sprint will be rather longer due to the nature of the terrain and thus will not meet the definition of the discipline considering a very high running speed.

Stage 1: Narrow rocky ridge above Vranov castle, castle area, high rocks, one part with varied vegetation forest with no rocks, and village outskirts.

Stage 2 and 3: Rocky, rugged and hilly terrain, with rock towns, and steep slopes with stones. Technically and physically challenging.


Interval starts in all stages. The start list will be extended over a longer period to make sure that more people than currently allowed will never meet in one place. Starts of all stages will be reachable exclusively on foot – up to 2.5 km from the event center. In addition, there is considerable climbing (over 100m!) on the way to Stage 2 and 3.

The valid Rules and the Racing Rules of ČSOS are to be implemented.

Punching system:

SportIdent system to be used for all days and all classes. No SI Air punching will be used.


Should the completions be cancelled due to Covid-19 measures, deposits will be returned in full.

Entry system will be opened on Tuesday, June 16, 2020 at 6:30 am and closed on Tuesday, August 11, 2020 or when the limit of 1300 competitors is fully filled.

To enter for a race please use ORIS entry system. Entry is considered valid and confirmed if it is paid within 7 days. Entries in the limit count of 1300 competitors which will not be paid within 7 days, will be rejected and the vacancies will be automatically transferred to substitutes. ČSOS clubs must pay at least 90% of deposits within 7 days. Small outstanding arrears are possible in case there are competitors over limit, changes, etc.

A foreign club that is registered under ČSOS can request cash payment on spot via email.

Other clubs must pay 100% of the deposit within 7 days.

Changes (category, SI card number, etc.) can be done directly in ORIS entry system by August 11, 2020. After this date, category can be changed only for a fee of CZK 50,-. All change requests should be sent to the email below.

Entry can be cancelled until August 11, 2020. After this date, only 50% of the entry fee will be returned. If the entry is cancelled 7 days before competitions (from August 15 onwards), 100% of the deposit will be forfeited.

Name change – Leaving one’s seat to another competitor is possible for a fee of CZK 100,- . Regular entry cancellation in ORIS entry system and automatic shift of your seat to a substitute in the queue is preferred.

Email: prihlasky@tur.cz is intended only for changes after August 11, 2020, or for requests to change a name. All received requests will be processed after August 11, 2020.

Runners not registered in Czech orienteering federation (ČSOS) enrol also via ORIS entry system. There you can register and set your own temporary club. For more information, please refer to ORIS Help site.

Number of competitors is limited by Protected landscape area Bohemian Paradise to 1300. Once this limit is met, the entry system will be automatically closed.

If the limit is met, competitors above the limit express their willingness to participate in competitions until they remove their entry from the ORIS system, even if they are automatically moved from the position of substitute to the position of participant just before the race. Therefore, we ask any substitutes to add a reminder to their calendars and check their possible shift or cancel the entry if the interest in participating has passed.

Entry fee:

Entry fee is for all three stages.        
Children classes to D/H14 incl. CZK 350,-      
„Master“ classes from D/H60 CZK 550,-      
Other CZK 700,-      
HDR CZK 300,-      

Entry fees are as a package for all 3 stages. Entry for a single stage(s) is not possible! Entry after deadline and on spot will be possible only in case the limit was not met and according to organizer’s capabilities.

SI card rent CZK 50,- per stage.

Payment by bank transfer:

Bank: Fio Banka

Account number: 2200736863/2010

IBAN: CZ5420100000002200736863



All transfer expenses must be paid by the payer (OUR). Any transfer expenses charged by the bank to the organization will be added to the club open fee.

To distinguish your payment please use the code of your club from ORIS entry system (you can find it below your club entry in the list of entries by clubs in ORIS). If you pay for specific runners only, post their names in the reference note. Please submit your payment receipt at the check-in desk upon arrival.

Any questions about payment: hospodar@tur.cz

Please do not merge payments for different clubs!!

Entries must be paid within 7 days, only then they are considered valid and confirmed. If payment is not received, entry will expire, and your spot will be offered to a substitute in the queue. Number of competitors is strictly limited by PLA Bohemian Paradise to 1300.

Event office opening hours / Check-in to “PP” weekend:

Friday 21. 8. 2020 10:00 – 11:30 Event centre in Malá Skála
Saturday 22. 8. 2020 8:30 – 9:30 Event centre in Malá Skála
Sunday 23. 8. 2020 8:30 – 9:30 Event centre in Malá Skála

We kindly ask you to make your check-in for the entire club, not individually.  


Due to current restrictions, the organizer will not provide accommodation. There are many accommodation options in Malá Skála and its surroundings, e.g.:



Parking fee of CZK 50,- per car to be paid on spot. Parking is situated up to 500 metres from the event centre.

Award ceremony:

Depending on the current situation. More information to be provided in Bulletin 2.

Complaints and protests:

According to the Racing Rules of Czech orienteering federation, in written and with a fee of CZK 200,-. Protests must be delivered with a fee to the following address: OOB TJ Turnov, Skálova 207, 511 01 Turnov.

Important notice:

Competitions are held in the Protected Landscape Area Bohemian Paradise (CHKO Český ráj). Please follow visitor rules!

It is strictly forbidden to use any kind of grip or spike shoes with metal spikes! It will be strictly checked!

The organizers from OOB TJ Turnov are looking forward to seeing you!

Organising committee:

  Head of OC: Pavla Heřmánková
Course setters: S1 – Vojta Zabořil & Martin Vlček; Controller: J. Kořínek
  S2 – Daniel Wolf & Filip Stárek; Controller: Š. Sokolářová S3 – Daniel Wolf & Filip Stárek; Controller: M. Baier

Accompanying program

Accompanying program will be limited due to current restrictions but we will try to organize kind of individual program for you. You can also take advantage of a wide range of activities in Malá Skála, such as sailing the Jizera river, scootering, rope center, etc.

Website: www.tur.cz/pekneprazdniny/