19.08. - 21.08.
22. 8. 2022

Nice holidays 2022 are over: Results, Pictures

31st “Pekne prazdniny” aka Nice holidays with orienteering in Bohemian Paradise are over. Victory in elite classes belongs to Karolína Kettner and Jan Procházka. Congratulations to all winners and medallists. We hope you enjoyed your […]

17. 8. 2022

Final bulletin, startlist and course details

Final bulletin 2 you can find in Final bulletin section. In addition to the information on the individual races, please pay attention to parking, due to capacity reasons, the parking lot for daily commuting is […]

4. 8. 2022

Look forward to Hell!

The center and camp of this year’s PP will be in the former Peklo forest camp on the south bank of the Komárovské pond. If the weather permits, look forward to swimming in the pond […]

18. 7. 2022

Sample of maps and photos

Soon we will start counting down the last month until the start of the races, so we bring you sample maps and photos from the forest. We are working intensively on the course setting, the […]