28. 8. 2023

Results and route analysis

Nice Holidays 2023 are over. In ORIS you can find all official results of respective stage and overall results as well. Results: E1, E2, E3 Overall results Don’t forget to upload your GPS or draw […]

23. 8. 2023

Start times

Here you can check your start times: E1 categorie – clubs – E2 categories – clubs – E3 categories – clubs –

23. 8. 2023

Final bulletin

If you’re already impatiently tapping in one place and filling your free moments by refreshing pages to see if the final bulletin have appeared there, we have good news for you. The bulletin is out […]

21. 8. 2023

Final courses parametres

We have reached it – this week the next edition of Nice Holidays will take place. To help you pass the time as you wait, delve deeper into the final parameters of the courses: […]

7. 8. 2023

Preliminary courses parameters

Preparations for the Nice Holidays in 2023 are slowly coming to a close. The coursesetters’ section is busy and they have the preliminary parameters of the courses for you, which you can see here: […]

23. 5. 2023

Start Time Requirements

Start time requirements for Nice holidays must be specified in the ‘Entry Note’ field in ORIS entry system, in the format listed below. If you don’t have access rights to ORIS, note will be enrolled […]

16. 5. 2023

Bulletin 1 published, entries from May 30th

Finally we have completed most of all negotiations and we can publish Bulletin 1 of Nice holidays 2023. Entries will be opened on Tuesday, May 30th, 2023 at 9 pm and closed on Wednesday, August […]

11. 12. 2022

Nice Holidays in Bohemian Paradise 2023

32nd edition of “Pekne prazdniny” aka “PP” aka Nice holidays in Bohemian Paradise will take you back into the heart of this protected landscape area to the deep valleys just under picturesque castle Trosky. These […]