23. 2. 2022

Nice Holidays 2022 in Branžež

Nice Holidays in Bohemian Paradise (Pěkné prázdniny), traditional multiday orienteering event in wonderful sandstone terrain of protected landscape area Bohemian Paradise will take place from August 19th to August 21st, 2022 in Branžež. Event centre will be situated in former campsite directly on the shore of one of the biggest ponds of the area called Komárovský rybník. You can expect three stages – middle distance on Friday, long distance on Saturday and another middle distance on Sunday with interval start. All stages in hilly sandstone terrain with many cliffs, rocky passages and high blueberries, partly more flat terrain with marches and green areas after logging.


Bulletin 1 will be issued in early April 2022 and entries opened just afterwards. Number of participants is limited by PLA to 1300 runners.


We are looking forward to seeing you in Bohemian Paradise!